Selling oil is not yet time. Forecast for the week on April 4 – April 8

Stock index did not show uniform dynamics concluded week. The US Dow Jones and the NASDAQ added 1.37% and 2.9%, respectively. The support they received from the macro-economic statistics, which reflected that the US economy is not cause much concern. Optimism, including provoked data on business activity in the manufacturing sector – an indicator moved… Read More »

The dollar may receive additional incentives for growth. Forecast for the week on March 28 – April 1

In the week ended stocks interrupted growth. In addition to technical factors, intervened in the case and the geopolitical risks in the form of explosions in Brussels on Tuesday, and a fairly aggressive comments from the US Federal Reserve. During the week, we heard a number of statements that the Federal Reserve, it might make… Read More »

Oil may continue to grow. Forecast for the week on March 21 – March 25

In the week ended equity indices showed mixed trends. The growth leaders broke CHILE, which added 3.22%. Hong Kong HSI rose by 2.41%. The growth of the US Dow Jones, NASDAQ and S & P was less impressive: 1.8%, 0.96% and 0.92%, respectively. In general, this is understandable, since on the one hand, soft Fed… Read More »

Oil will be waiting for new catalysts. Forecast for the week on March 14 – March 18

During the week, stocks showed mixed trends. volatility peaked on Thursday when the European Central Bank announced a decision on monetary policy. European regulator resets the key rate and QE program has expanded to 20 billion euros per month. And then the market took with optimism. But at a press conference following the decision, the… Read More »

On the prospects of the oil and the decisions of central banks. Forecast for the week on March 7 – March 11

Another week stock indices ended growth. In support made by several factors. This is the People’s Bank of China’s decision to reduce by 50 bps the rate on reserve requirements, and the stabilization of oil prices, and strong enough statistics from the US, which is somewhat reduced concerns about the global economic outlook. The strongest… Read More »

Brent crude oil can change the range. Forecast for the week on February 29 – March 4

In the week ended equity indices showed positive dynamics. Not the least role in this played the stabilization of oil prices. American optimism benchmarks added and revised data on the rate of economic growth. Q4 GDP was revised upward from 0.7% to 1.0%. As a result, Dow Jones rose by 1.4%, while the NASDAQ rose… Read More »

Oil is looking for catalysts. Forecast for the week on February 22 – 26

In the week ended stocks showed recovery from the lows reached earlier. Positive attitude has spread to all regions. It is worth noting that even the pessimistic report of the January meeting of the US Federal Reserve did not introduce substantial changes in the dynamics of the indices. The leaders of growth turned out to… Read More »

Gold and Yen – remedy against panic. Forecast for the week on February 15 – 19

Most of the week stock markets remained under pressure on Friday, and only managed to partially recover losses. To some extent, contributed to this application Deutsche Bank to redeem certain series of senior unsecured debt of about $ 5.4 billion. For the second week in a row becomes a leader in the fall of the… Read More »

Safe assets to display. Forecast for the week on February 8 – 12

Stock markets ended the week “in the red“. Reasons enough. This is not strong enough statistics from the US, and signs of a decline in business activity in the euro area, and actions to inject liquidity of the People’s Bank of China, which has not brought the expected results, plus quarterly reporting season, which for… Read More »

When the oil is growing. Forecast for the week on February 1-5

Equity markets finished the week on the positive. In general, this is understandable, taking into account the fact that the PBOC continues to inject liquidity in order to stabilize the situation, and the US Federal Reserve made it clear that to force the issue with the rate increase will not be. Plus stimulating monetary policy… Read More »