THE POUND may rise. Forecast for the week on June 20 – June 24

Stock indices finished the week in the “red“. The main factor of pressure on the benchmarks were Brexit concerns. But apart from this disappointment the US indices have added comments and the head of the US Federal Reserve after a meeting of the Monetary Policy. Overall, Yellen expressed uncertainty about the stability of the economic… Read More »

The labor market is mixed cards Fed US. Forecast for the week on June 6 – June 10

Stock indices have experienced a difficult week. Moderate positive at the beginning after the release of US data gave way to an impressive decline, but the closure of the US indices were able to recover some of the losses. As a result, Dow Jones fell by 0.34%. NASDAQ lost symbolic 0,13%. The German DAX 30… Read More »

Downward correction of oil is not far away. Forecast for the week on May 30 – June 3

Stock indices finished the week in the “green“. Part of the support it has provided growth in commodity markets, although there were personal factors. In particular, US benchmarks optimistic about the revision to increase GDP per 1st quarter, Despite the fact that it is fraught with the earlier rate increase. In fact, this was confirmed… Read More »

When will the revaluation expectations for Fed rate? Forecast for the week on April 23 – April 27

Stock markets have experienced is not the simplest week. The more aggressive than expected, the tone of the minutes of the April meeting of the US Federal Reserve put pressure on the indices. However, the last time they were still able to recover. As a result, Dow Jones closed almost unchanged (-0.02%). NASDAQ rose by… Read More »

Oil: when waiting for the correction. Forecast for the week on May 16 – May 20

Last week, stocks have not demonstrated the unique dynamics. Five days the majority completed with minor changes. Dow Jones and NASDAQ closed with a loss of 1.1% and 0.24%, respectively. Statistics during the week came out mixed, and comments from the US Federal Reserve were quite aggressive to the market again began to think about… Read More »

Oil may remain under pressure. Forecast for the week on May 9 – May 13

Trying stock index earlier in the week to develop upward correction fiasco and they resumed falling. Part of the reason became aggressive comments from the US Fed Lockhart and Uilms, which made it clear that permit a rate increase in June. Negative colors added and insufficiently strong statistics from China and the United States, which… Read More »

S&P 500: Google can send indexes down

Fundamental grounds US stock indexes do not feel very confident as to the absence of important macroeconomic statistics, market participants are beginning to believe that growth could turn out to be unnecessarily strong in the past few weeks. Negative adds Google and poor quarterly report, EPS which was 6.02 against the dollar, 6.3 dollar median… Read More »

Whether oil will be able to grow after a meeting in Doha. Forecast for the week on April 18 – April 22

Week growth stock indexes finished. The most significant strengthening of the Japanese showed the Nikkei, which rose 5.51%, which was partly due to the depreciation of the yen against the dollar, as well as increased confidence in the fact that the Bank of Japan can go to expansion of economic incentives at the end of… Read More »

Will the rise of oil? Forecast for the week on April 11 – April 15

Week stock indices ended in the red. The leader of the fall was again the Japanese Nikkei. The benchmark lost 2.47% largely in response to the strengthening of the Japanese yen, which this week reached a year and a half high. The US Dow Jones and NASDAQ lost 1.187% and 1.30%, respectively. Under pressure I… Read More »