Review of July 20-24: markets afraid of a strong dollar. Forecast for the week July 27 – July 31

Stock indices finished the working week in the “red.” In many ways, this was due to the negative dynamics of corporate reporting, and fears that the strength of the dollar will start to have a negative impact on the US economy. In addition, the published macroeconomic statistics proved to be quite strong, which increases the… Read More »

GOLD TRADING: US data open the way down

Gold trading despite all attempts to recover and demonstrate strong growth can not. And, most likely, will continue to fall. For such dynamics can push the precious metal intensifying expectations that the Fed will start raising rates in September. Today’s data on the number of applications for unemployment benefits reflected the decline to 255 thousand… Read More »

COPPER: lower and lower…

Copper remains pressurized. In favor of further reduce red metal show several factors. As one of them are the market sentiment: commodities at this stage is clearly not in demand. In addition, signs of a slowdown of the Chinese economy continued to have a negative impact on the expectations of the consumption of copper. The… Read More »

Review 13 – July 17: too many agreements. Forecast for the week July 20 – July 24

All week the market had expectations resolution “Greek problem“, as Athens had to go through several stages in order to get at least a bridge financing in the form of a bridge loan. In fact, the current week was more productive than the previous 4.5 months of negotiations, but the EUR / USD continued to… Read More »

YANDEX: Do not sat on bottoms?

Yandex shares under pressure sellers 7 July reached a new low. The pessimism of investors was triggered by several factors. First, the next wave of ruble devaluation due to falling oil prices. Second, changes to the law “On information, information technologies and information protection” called “right to oblivion“, according to which the search engine will… Read More »