Review of August 17-21: a turning point in the market. Forecast for the week August 24 – August 28

Equity markets finished the week on a minor note. China has become the instigator of the fall and the outbreak of panic is not spared neither American nor European benchmarks. This Dow Jones (YM) and Nasdaq (NQ) fell, even though the neutral tone of the minutes of the last meeting of the US Federal Reserve,… Read More »

Review for August 19: the market needs soothing. Forecast for Thursday, August 20

The situation is complicated for the stock markets leaked from Bloomberg: Agency published a pretty headline hints at the aggressive attitude of the Committee of Representatives. This put pressure on US stocks, however, when the protocol was released, it was too peaceful, making it possible to correct indices. Now most economists expect the first rate… Read More »

Review of August 10-14: China made markets jittery. Forecast for the week August 17 – August 21

Last week, the financial markets storm in connection with the decision of the Bank of China devalued the yuan. Such measures are taken in control for three consecutive days. Equity markets such measures accepted without much enthusiasm, showing a fairly strong decline. However, by the end of the week benchmarks could regain lost ground. US… Read More »