TESLA: first Model X on sale

By | September 30, 2015

Shares of Tesla, is expected to receive a positive momentum thanks to sales on the eve of the first electric crossover Model X. Recall that in August, the company Elon Musk announced at the end of September the first edition of Model X, and in early September gave the first details and specifications on the electric vehicle, and started accepting pre-orders.

Model X is already too fast (a set speed of 60 miles per hour in 3.2 seconds) and has a cruising range per charge of 240 miles. The maximum speed of 155 miles per hour. However, the problem of the machine is the high cost – $ 132,000 that Tesla will require additional efforts in the promotion and positioning of the new product.

Since the company has kept within the planned deadlines, which were some market concerns, Tesla shares at the general improvement in market conditions may show growth. However, for long-term upward trend required more powerful fundamental factors, including access to break-even, which is possible only in scale. The company should actively increase sales of electric cars in order to reduce fixed costs.

In case of break-up of short-term downtrend, formed September 25, the stock short-term downward movement interrupted. On 15minutnyh graphs generated break the resistance of the divergence on RSI and MACD. On the daily chart is considered a return to the MA5.

tesla chart
Tesla chart
Trading analytics
Tesla (TSLA)   –   buy tesla   –    Entry price: 249,9. Goal: 258,7. Stop loss: 244,9.
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