NASDAQ-100: waiting for the correction

By | July 15, 2015

Futures on the US stock NASDAQ-100 index continues to remain in an upward trend that began in the previous week as the reduction of tensions over Greek drama. However, the situation is not solved, as Alexis Tsipras has difficulty in order to obtain parliamentary approval for the necessary reform package. The vote will take place late this evening and could put pressure on the markets.

The Fed chief Janet Yellen will speak to Congress semi-annual report on monetary policy (14.00 GMT). It is expected that it will continue to prepare the markets to raise rates.

In this environment, the US stock indices may note some correction overdue intraday time frame after the rapid growth in the previous two trading days. Deviation from SMA (50) on the four-hour chart is now a maximum in March this year. We believe that a well-established upward trend will continue, but we believe that the indices will be interesting for shopping only in the case of downward correction.

nasdaq-100 chart
Nasdaq-100 chart
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NASDAQ-100 (NQ)   –   buy nasdaq   –    Entry price: 4480. Goal: 4550,65. Stop loss: 4447.
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