European Court of Justice confirmed the ban on the merger Deutsche Börse and Nyse

By | March 9, 2015

The Court in Luxembourg upheld a ban on the merger of the German and the NYSE. The Court concluded that the decision of the European Commission was justified.

Deutsche Börse
Deutsche Börse

The Court confirmed the ban EU Commission for the merger of the German stock exchange Deutsche Börse and the New York Nyse to create the world’s largest stock exchange. The decision of the Commission was justified, surveillance authorities competition committed no legal error in the analysis of the planned merger, announced a court in Luxembourg on Monday, March 9th.

Deutsche Börse reported that takes note of the decision of the court, however, consider the possibility of an appeal to the European Court as the highest authority. “The company continues to believe that the European Commission has adopted too narrow an interpretation of the term” market “, – the Deutsche Börse.

The merger of Deutsche Börse and Nyse was blocked by the European Commission in 2012. Earlier plans ended in failure unification of the German Stock Exchange with the European Euronext and the London LSE. Meanwhile Nyse already absorbed the American Stock Exchange ICE. As a result of the consolidation of the exchange industry takes place without the participation of Deutsche Börse, the agency Reuters.

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