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By | March 20, 2015

Hello everyone!

The currency pair EUR / USD

This week, it was something to admire. News environment have led many market participants worried for their deposits. But even with such sharp changes in the trend of the dollar have not been overcome and continues to strengthen on all fronts.

Wave analysis.

The current wave counting involves another wave down. This subwave wave 5 (5). The idea is that after the last wave (5) should be the long-awaited major correction in the senior levels of the wave. In the meantime, expect the price will overwrite your previous low 0.4933.


Trend analysis

The overall trend is down. Price goes to the (green) channel with parameters 1.2569-1.1379-1.1097. Beautifully worked resistance of the channel on the news. A striking example of the sale of the third touch. I guess after consolidation to see a continuation of the downtrend.


 Trade Idea

Continued sales for confirmation.
Capital gains: + 20.28%
Maximum Drawdown: 5.94%

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