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NASDAQ-100: indexes rise on expectations of key macroeconomic statistics

Futures on the US stock index NASDAQ-100 try to return to growth as market participants expect the positive data on key macro-economic indicators scheduled for release this week on the PMI index and the labor market.

Recently macroeconomic statistics from the United States often goes a little worse than expected, but now it was the reason to expect that the Fed will not rush to increase interest rates. Seek opportunities for shopping in the case of overcoming of important technical resistance levels.

NASDAQ-100 chart
NASDAQ-100 chart

Trading analytics

Support and resistance levels
Support 1    4344,00
Support 2    4287,00
Current price: 4363,00
Resistance 1    4378,40
Resistance 2    4426,40

Warning: Profitability in the past does not mean profitability in the future. Any projections are for informational purposes only and do not guarantee the results obtained.

Facebook (FB): shares may be of interest for purchases at relatively low levels

Shares of the company Facebook (FB) feel supported in the 50-hour moving average during the correction that started last week after testing the resistance of 86.00. The fall occurred simultaneously with the common market without any major news from the company that could affect its prospects.

In addition, investors expect quarterly report Facebook, which historically are often higher than the median of forecasts. We believe that at such low levels of stocks may be of interest to search for long positions.


Trading analytics

Support and resistance levels
Support 1    82,10
Support 2    80,75
Current price: 83,32
Resistance 1    84,00
Resistance 2    86,00

Warning: Profitability in the past does not mean profitability in the future. Any projections are for informational purposes only and do not guarantee the results obtained.

GOLD: geopolitical risks and the Fed sentiment supported precious metal

Gold in recent days shows quite strong growth. On the one hand, support the precious metal gets on the background of
widespread weakening of the dollar caused by the reduction in expectations that the Fed will begin raising rates in June. Growing demand for safe assets is supported by increased tension in the Middle East.

Coalition with the participation of Saudi Arabia in Yemen launched a military operation. Today, late in the evening will be the speech of Fed Chairman Janet Yellen. Provided that it is not aggressive enough, and confirm that the US regulator is set to wait until the position with respect to the beginning of the monetary tightening, pressure on the dollar may strengthen to allow assets denominated in it, to show growth.


Trading analytics

Support and resistance levels
Support 1    1200,06
Support 2    1190,02
Current price: 1201,22 
Resistance 1    1206,04
Resistance 2    1213,97

Warning: Profitability in the past does not mean profitability in the future. Any projections are for informational purposes only and do not guarantee the results obtained.

BRENT: prices are rising at the escalation of the conflict in Yemen

Oil prices of Brent were marked by strong growth in the last twenty-four hours after it became known that the armed forces of Saudi Arabia launched a military operation against the rebels in Yemen. Although the country is not a major oil producer (accounting for about 0.1% of world production), it has a strategic geographical position.

Yemen controls the Bab-el-Mandeb, through which in 2013 held daily 3.8 million barrels of oil and through which ships enter the Suez Canal. A significant destabilization of the situation can significantly complicate the transportation of oil from the Middle East. Against this background, quotes can generate an impulse towards the annual highs. Looking for opportunities for shopping.

Oil brent
Oil brent

Trading analytics

Support and resistance levels
Support 1    56,35
Support 2    54,85
Current price: 57,98
Resistance 1    58,45
Resistance 2    59,75

Warning: Profitability in the past does not mean profitability in the future. Any projections are for informational purposes only and do not guarantee the results obtained.

RUSSELL 2000: decline on weak data from the US can be a cause for shopping

Futures on major US stock indexes are under pressure after data on orders for durable goods were much worse than expected. Their growth rate of -1.4% as a general index and -0.4% on his kernel (less highly volume components).

However, this report is quite noisy and by itself is unlikely to significantly alter the outlook for the US economy. Moreover, the weak data – it is an occasion for the Fed to delay the start of the cycle of rising interest rates. Index of companies with small market capitalization Russell-2000 (TF) has reached the 200-hour moving average and can provide opportunities for shopping at relatively low levels.

Russell 2000
Russell 2000

Trading analytics

Support and resistance levels
Support 1    1242,9
Support 2    1233,4
Current price: 1244.6
Resistance 1    1250,4
Resistance 2    1264,3

Warning: Profitability in the past does not mean profitability in the future. Any projections are for informational purposes only and do not guarantee the results obtained.

SILVER: in case of breakdown above 17,000 worth the wait continued upward movement

Silver gained momentum to grow after it became clear that the US Federal Reserve would not rush to raise your bid. Against this background, the precious metal that does not bring interest income began to grow. In addition, this “softness” in the mood of the Fed did not go to the benefit of the dollar, which began to wane around the perimeter of the market, making assets denominated in it more expensive.

Provided that the current data on the consumer price index in the United States reflect the reduction of price pressures, expectations that the rate increased in June will not only intensify, which may have added pressure on the dollar. If we look at the dynamics of futures positions. While CHDP of silver reduced, but it is worth noting that this is happening against the backdrop of the increasing number of long positions that can signal the possibility of a quick mood changes.


Trading analytics

Support and resistance levels
Support 1     16,730
Support 2     16,500
Current price: 16.939
Resistance 1    17,000
Resistance 2    17,250

Warning: Profitability in the past does not mean profitability in the future. Any projections are for informational purposes only and do not guarantee the results obtained.

Weekly Technical analysis SP500 (CFD) from 03/23/15 to 27/03/15.

Last week for SP500 (CFD) ended the growth of quotations, and accordingly continuation of reduction that was conceived a week earlier and had hoped traders did not happen. The first half of trading five days index actively growing, broke the resistance level of 2092.7 and consolidate above it. In the second half, after a slight pullback, he continued his upward movement and test the next resistance level of 2116.8 points. The main driver of this growth was the decision of the US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, from which it became known that the rate remains unchanged 0.25%. A comment Janet Yellen, in which she urged patience, gave the markets a signal that expect an early rate hike is not necessary.

This week will be a series of important reports on the growth rate of the leading economies in the world, and together with the data on inflation, they will be able to show us the prospects for further growth as the global economy in general and the situation in a particular region. Traders today are interested in whether the continued growth of US indexes and update them, new highs, or is it to prepare for the full correction in the near future. From a technical point of view, if the price was fixed above the level of 2116.8 points, the next test will make the level of resistance 2130.0. If the price goes down and breaks through the support of 2092.7 points, a further reduction will be aimed at the price level of 2063.6 points and below. It is worth noting that only the breakdown level of support 2043.2 will be a serious claim at the beginning of the corrective movement on the index SP500.

Trend indicators MA (moving average) are under price and support growth. Oscillators in different directions: RSI stood in the neutral zone and looks down, and MACD is a plus zero zone, and a histogram increases.


Remarks and prediction: in the case of continued growth, we expect the movement to the resistance level 2116.8 points. If there is a further decline, the price will go to the level of 2092.7.

Trading guidelines (H4):
2 resistance (resistance): 2130.0
1 resistance (resistance): 2116.8

1 support (support): 2092.7
2 support (support): 2063.6

The tactics of trade: the breakdown of the level of 2116.8, opening the deal to purchase a take profit at 2130.0, and stop loss at the level of 2105.0 points. If the price goes down, then you can open a deal to sell below the level of 2092.7 to take profit at the level of 2063.6 points and the presence of stop loss at 2100.0.

Bitcoins: Breakthrough level 264.55 opens the way up in the short term

Cryptocurrency once again demonstrated a decrease, but in general, the prospects for Bitcoin quite optimistic. Transaction fees for payments made Bitcoin is much lower than that of traditional payment systems (credit cards or eg PayPal). Against this background, many sellers online stores are beginning to support Cryptocurrency. In particular, the Japanese giant Rakuten integrated e-commerce Bitcoin as payment for US customers. There is an increase in trading activity Bitcoin in China. To date, approximately 80% of the total volume of transactions with Bitcoin conducted in Chinese yuan.


Warning: Profitability in the past does not mean profitability in the future. Any projections are for informational purposes only and do not guarantee the results obtained.

Comprehensive analysis of financial markets and trading ideas

Hello everyone!

The currency pair EUR / USD

This week, it was something to admire. News environment have led many market participants worried for their deposits. But even with such sharp changes in the trend of the dollar have not been overcome and continues to strengthen on all fronts.

Wave analysis.

The current wave counting involves another wave down. This subwave wave 5 (5). The idea is that after the last wave (5) should be the long-awaited major correction in the senior levels of the wave. In the meantime, expect the price will overwrite your previous low 0.4933.


Trend analysis

The overall trend is down. Price goes to the (green) channel with parameters 1.2569-1.1379-1.1097. Beautifully worked resistance of the channel on the news. A striking example of the sale of the third touch. I guess after consolidation to see a continuation of the downtrend.


 Trade Idea

Continued sales for confirmation.
Capital gains: + 20.28%
Maximum Drawdown: 5.94%

Before the opening of the US stock markets: futures corrected after yesterday’s growth

Before the opening of the market S & P futures is at 2085.50 (-0.333), NASDAQ futures fell 0.10% to 4415.75.

The external background is neutral. Major Asian stock indexes finished the session mainly growth, the major stock indexes in Europe at the moment are moving in different directions.

Nikkei 19,476.56 -67.92 -0.35%
Hang Seng 24,468.89 +348.81 +1.45%
Shanghai Composite 3,582.75 +5.44 +0.15%
FTSE 6,948.12 +2.92 +0.04%
CAC 5,026.97 -6.45 -0.13%
DAX 11,864.29 -58.48 -0.49%
April Nymex WTI oil futures are currently traded at $ 42.99 per barrel (-3.74%)
Gold is trading at $ 1160.20 per ounce (+ 0.78%).

Futures on major US stock indexes are adjusted in premarket trading after yesterday’s growth, but the decline is limited thanks to the support from the Fed. According to the results of the meeting ended yesterday Open Market Committee
(FOMC) decided to keep the parameters of monetary policy unchanged, while in the Fed‘s commitment to keep the “patience”, reiterating that rates would be raised when Buda full confidence in the return inflation to the target level of 2%. It was also noted that the change in the wording does not imply a binding decision on the timing of a rate hike to calendar dates. This was nothing unexpected, since these expectations to dominate the market on the eve of the meeting. There was also no surprise decrease in forecasts for GDP and improvement in the level of unemployment. Surprise was lowering the median estimates of the rate at the end of 2015 with 1.125% to 0.625% and a reduction in inflation forecasts for 2015 range from 1.5-1.8% to 1.3-1.4%. Change the language and adjusting forecasts, the Fed did not rule out the start of the process of tightening monetary policy in June, but pointed out that the rate hike is likely to be more gradual and slower than previously expected, which is a favorable factor for the stock markets.

Today, the focus will be the company’s stock is Apple (AAPL), which after the completion of yesterday’s regular session, replaced the shares of the company AT & T (T) in the index of blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average. AAPL shares premarket show growth, rising to around $ 128.78 (+ 0.24%). After the start of trading influence on their course may have data on the production index Philadelphia Fed, which will be published at 14:00 GMT. Expected increase of the index in March to a level of 7.3 points from 5.2 points in February.