Oil may rise. The forecast for the week August 15 – August 19

Last week, stock markets felt confident enough, showing positive dynamics under the influence of rising oil prices. The largest growth was the German DAX (FDAX), which added 3.18%. Futures on US stock indexes rewrote highs. However, the weak retail sales data led to their correction. The report disappoint, reflecting zero growth in consumer activity, while… Read More »

Pound: down again. The forecast for the week July 11 – July 15

Equity markets last week showed mixed dynamics. US benchmarks finished the five-day week on a positive note, received support from the US labor market data. After a disastrous report in May, June pleased sharp increase in the number of new jobs (287 thousand.). As a result, Dow Jones finished the week higher by 0.96%. NASDAQ… Read More »

Pound sell and point!

Thursday passed relatively quietly, although the current date range significantly expanded, especially in European currencies. British data was not surprised and did not cause excitement: for the 1st quarter the growth rate already very few people care about. Much more emotions will cause the second half. As a result, the opening of the US session,… Read More »

Brexit. What to do next!? The forecast for the week June 27 – July 1

Yes, the past week was dominated by the British referendum. As expected, however, many of the results expected almost the opposite. GBP / USD has experienced the biggest collapse of a 30-year history: the pair touched 1.3225, but closed trading near 1.3654. In parallel with this growing yen, received good support in the form of… Read More »